SAGANE Nederland
SAGANE Nederland

Welcome to SAGANE Nederland, to a world of exploration, excellence, exchange and expansion. Our business infomediary and support services drive collaborative engagement for your business enrichment. Enjoy the services at our Explore Hub, Excellence Hub and Exchange Hub!


Our Mission

SAGANE strives to provide you world class solutions and services to enable you to discover, collaborate and create sustainability by leveraging global value chains.

Our  Methodology

SAGANE Nederland is committed to delivering value and excellence. We base our foundation on Quality principles.

Whether you are in the process of creation of a new business alliance, fixing an existing partnership or improving a sourced product or service; we contribute by employing a  phased approach of Self Assessment, Observation and Auditing.

We equip you with pre-audited quality business prospects to match and exceed your expectations.

We enable you by identifying the value stream between business partners and the need for alignment.
We ensure your success by proactive monitoring through a joint action plan.

We make 'Exchange' work for you.



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